New concept 'RAIN': from rainwater to safe drinking water!


Filtering filthy and contaminated water in Ethiopia

Check out this video demonstrating the LifeFilta BOTTLE Water Filter: filter your own nano healthy water straight from any water source or from the tap at home, office, bar, restaurants, hotels ... --> for private and professional use!

News & new products

Rainwater recycling

LifeFilta has a range of products that are perfectly suitable for #rainwater recycling or #RWH harvesting and  #greywater recovery.

RAIN + GREY concept: 60 - 70% less water consumption  and up to 100% off-grid water!

Running Water Projects

LifeFilta in HAITI via gravity water filter installations; since February 2017 our LFIR-4 systems are delivering 500 - 1000 liters safe drinking water to 250 children in Saint-Michel and we have finalized a MINUSTAH water project in 2018. 

In August 2019 we have installed LFIRM-4 systems in Ethiopia for #2000 beneficairies: more news to come! 

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LifeFilta helps promoting safe drinking water in schools in Belgium via GO Flemish Government. Together with children and students, we bring awareness around water education in all its aspects.

Go4Water website link :

New & Specials

Automation of all KWF Kitchen Water Filters and House Water Treatment Systems (automatic Back-Wash flush by Bluetooth ).

PRE-FILTER systems for RAIN - GREY - CITY - WELL applications.

For rainwater  treatment, LifeFilta recommends the KWF Combi and the HWTS for independant off-grid water apps.

Company News

LifeFilta has recently launched a distribution/agent in Belgium, The Netherlands, Macau, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa ... also launching in Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia ...

More exiting news to come, so follow us on LifeFilta's social media channels.


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  • Back-Wash & Flush after EVERY use and by the end of the day!
  • Special maintenance: use a standard disinfection fluid to sterilize the LifeFilta filter systems: recommended every 6 months!


From Waste to Drinking Water


LifeFilta produces safe and healthy drinking water from greywater ...

LifeFilta - Healty Drinking Water


LifeFilta introduces the Jerrycan and Hand Pump Nano Water Filters

Real testimonials ...


LifeFilta introduces 'School Water Filters' in Belgium to promote safe drinking water!

LifeFilta and ROTARY BELUX


LifeFilta has been contacted by the ROTARY to present their life-saving nano water filters for developing countries and humanitarian projects ... 

Interview 'Church & Life'


LifeFilta has been selected to provide ecological and sustainable water filter systems to communities in developing countries and rural areas ...

dVO: LifeFilta new distributor


OSAFI from Belgium is our new LifeFilta distributor for CONGO ...

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